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  • Shopping For a Cyclist This Holiday?

    With the holidays upon us, a lot us find ourselves wondering what to get the cyclist in our lives.  Well, wonder no longer, because the ultimate gift for any bicyclist is tools!

    Conquer Bicycle Repair Tool Kit - Bike Mechanic Tool Set Conquer Bicycle Repair Tool Kit - Bike Mechanic Tool Set

    Whether it’s for a quick cleaning or an important repair, tools are mandatory for any rider.  I have been a professional bike mechanic for 20 years, and trust me, it can take a lot of time and money to acquire a great tool collection.

    The Conquer Bicycle Repair Tool Kit pairs over 21 tools ready to tackle jobs on any style bike, from Road Bikes to Mountain Bikes.  With its well organized and easy to transport carrying case, this tool kit is equipped with essential items that I couldn't live without (like a chain whip, cassette tool, freewheel tool, and chain breaker).  There’s also a full range of Allen wrenches (1.5mm-8mm) that will be needed for every type of maintenance.

    Conquer Compact Bike Repair Tool Kit Conquer Compact Bike Repair Tool Kit




    Just looking for a stocking stuffer?  The Conquer Compact Bike Repair Tool Kit fits almost everything needed to keep any bike on the road in to its convenient nylon carrying bag.  Complete with dual action pump, tube repair kit, and tire levers, your favorite rider will always be able to fix that pesky flat, even while out on the road!

    With any of the Conquer Bike Tools, any cyclist will be able to keep their ride in tip top shape for the Spring time.  They make the perfect gift for any rider, even if that rider is you!

  • Indoor Cycling Trainers

    Has cooler or inclement weather driven you to ride inside? Are you time-crunched and looking for a quick fitness option that can be done in the comfort of your home? Did Daylight Savings Time set the clock back on your outside workouts?

    An indoor cycling trainer is a great choice for beginners through advanced cyclists, or even those folks who are interested in cross-training.

    Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand

    At Road Bike Outlet, we have a great selection of magnetic resistance cycling trainers. This category of stationary cycling trainers is the least expensive, and of course we offer the highest quality bike trainers at the lowest prices.

    The Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand will have you riding your road bike through the winter. This bike trainer is simple to set up and has many awesome features. The Conquer Indoor Cycling Trainer is compatible with 26”, 27” and 700c bikes, comes with a front wheel riser block, and a quick release skewer (which will replace the rear wheel skewer on your bike to make it compatible with this bike trainer). When not in use, the bike trainer folds up and can be easily stowed until your next indoor riding session.

    Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand

    The resistance on an adjustable magnetic resistance cycling trainer is determined by the amount of separation between magnets and changes when the magnet unit is adjusted. Of course, when you are using a bike trainer you may also change the gears on your bike to increase and decrease the amount of resistance as well.

    Don’t let poor weather or lighting keep you out of the saddle! An indoor bike trainer is the perfect solution to keep your training going year-round, no matter the conditions.

  • Fixed Gear Bikes

    At RoadBikeOutlet, you will discover a great selection of fixed gear road bikes. Fixies are a great choice for commuting, college students, city dwellers, or anyone looking for a basic, simple-looking and easy to maintain bike.

    Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike

    Nearly every bike in our fixed gear category has a flip-flop hub. Our fixies ship configured as single speed bikes. In order to convert the bike to a fixed gear, start by removing the rear wheel. Loosen the 2 nuts from the axle on the rear wheel. Slide it forward, take the chain off, flip it over to the 'fixed' gear side and re-install.

    When you ride using the free wheel you are able to coast or stop pedaling. Alternatively, when using the fixed gear side, the rear wheel moves and your pedals move with it. This means when you pedal it forward or backward, the wheel will move in that direction.

    If you purchase a fixed gear bike (or any bike) from RoadBikeOutlet, consider adding the pro-build service. Our professional bike mechanics will fully inspect, assemble and tune your bicycle, then disassemble the bicycle just enough to fit it back into the shipping box, add more packing protection, and secure all movable parts to prevent any damage that might occur during transit.

    Of course you may assemble your fixed gear bike yourself. We have many helpful assembly videos and tips available. If you do choose to assemble your fixie on your own, be sure to bring it to a qualified bike mechanic for a final tuning and safety check.

    No gears = easy maintenance!  A fixed gear bike is an awesome choice if you’re looking for a relatively lightweight bike with nice, clean lines. RoadBikeOutlet is sure to have the fixed gear bike for you.

    Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike
  • Spin Class, Spin Shoes... is your head spinning yet?

    When the air temperature drops, perhaps so does your motivation to get outside for a workout. Consider trying a spin cycling class! This awesome inside stationary bike workout can be performed year round at your local gym no matter the cold, wind or precipitation. The spin class bikes allow you to adjust the tension to simulate hills. Even though you may not be moving, you still get the benefits of riding outdoors with elevation changes.

    Considered a low-impact exercise (easier on your joints than running, for example), anyone can do a spinning class. It’s a great cardio and calorie-burning workout with the camaraderie of a motivating group environment. The music is always fun and upbeat, too!

    If you have already signed up for your first spin class and are wondering what to wear, regular workout clothes are fine (you may want to avoid long/baggy pants, however). Cycling shorts aren’t mandatory, but may increase your comfort level as you get used to being on a bike saddle. Normal flat soled athletic shoes are fine to wear, especially for beginners. Spin shoes with cleats that clip into the bike’s pedals can make your workout more effective and may be required for come classes.

    You may be wondering exactly how a spinning shoe may help you in your spin class. Cycling specific shoes have stiff soles that enable powerful pedaling strokes. They can be used with so called “clipless” pedals. These types of pedals ease a push/pull action as well as more efficient pedal strokes.

    Gavin Spin Shoe Gavin Spin Shoe

    While conventional road cycling shoes may be used for spin class, there are also spin shoes made just for this purpose. Many mountain bike shoes work too, including the Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoe MTB. The advantage to wearing a sneaker style spin shoe like this is the cleat is recessed into the sole so you may walk around comfortably. These spinning shoes are made of breathable micro fiber fabric and have three adjustable Velcro closures to ensure a perfect fit.

    The Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoes MTB are compatible with SPD, SPD-R and SPD-L cleats. The SPD system is short for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, and is an industry standard. This two-hole system is used on most mountain bike shoes and some road shoes.

    Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoe MTB Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoe MTB

    Check with your gym/spin instructor for specific cleat or MTB shoe and spin shoe compatibility questions before you purchase shoes for spinning class. The Shimano Compatible SPD Cleats work for the Gavin MTB Spin Shoes, and are available to order from

    A spinning class is a great way to burn some calories, tone your legs and butt, and make some new friends. Visit your local gym and take a class soon!

  • Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe

    If you’ve been looking for an affordable, stylish road bike cycling shoe, look no further.

    Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe

    Bring comfort and high performance race inspired design to your rides with the Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe.

    A reinforced, rigid nylon-fiberglass sole increases your power transfer with every pedal stroke. Ride stronger and ride faster!

    The breathable mesh upper and air flow vents in the soles will help keep your feet cool. These lightweight cycling shoes have supple synthetic leather and three Velcro straps for a customized fit. The molded heel cup helps to stabilize your heel. Included are reflective heel tabs for added safety in low light conditions.

    The shoes are compatible with Look, SPD, SPD-R & SPD-SL cleats. You will find walking on the Gavin Velo shoes (with the cleats attached) is easier than with other shoes.

    Whether you are training, club riding or challenging yourself with a triathlon, the Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe is a fantastic cycling shoe offered at a reasonable price.

    Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe Rigid sole with air flow vents. Cool, comfortable POWER!

  • Wall and Bench Mounted Bicycle Repair Stands

    Knowing a few simple bike maintenance tricks and routine repairs can be a satisfying and important part of bike ownership. But what if you just don’t have enough room to accomplish these tasks?

    Before you give up and bring your bike to a shop, consider a wall or workbench mounted bike repair stand.

    Bicycle repair stands come in many shapes and sizes from heavy duty professional style bike mechanic stands like you’d find at your local bike shop, to the lightweight folding portable home bike repair stand. Wall or bench mounted stands are the most compact repair stands available and are perfect if your space is limited.

    Conquer Bench Mount Bicycle Repair Stand Bike Rack Conquer Bench Mount Bicycle Repair Stand Bike Rack 

    If you are short on garage or basement space, yet have a sturdy workbench, consider the Conquer Bench Mount Bicycle Repair Stand Bike Rack. This repair stand has a quick release that easily adjusts the height or turns the stand out of the way when not in use. The offset base plate allows ample room to spin your bike’s pedals. The head swivels 360° so you can work on your bike at any angle.

    Another great option for the workbench is the Conquer Bench Mount Bicycle Repair Stand Bike Rack. Super compact and sturdy, it is easily attached to virtually any bench. The arm extends 10” from the bench while the rotating head can adjust the protective rubber clamp to any angle.

    No bench? No problem! The Conquer Wall Mount Bike Repair Stand Bicycle Mechanic Workstand is the ultimate space saver. The mounting plate is easily attached to any stud or post and the stand’s arm detaches from the plate and can be easily stowed when not in use. The arm extends 14” from the wall, and the rubber coated clamp can grab tubes from 30mm to 75mm.

    The easily detachable Conquer Bicycle Wall Mount Repair Stand Bicycle Rack-Rotating Head is one more fantastic option for fixing your bike when space is at a premium. Adjust the quick release clamp to any angle while clamping the top tube or seatpost (be careful if it’s a carbon bike) with its locking 360° rotating head.

    Conquer Bicycle Wall Mount Repair Stand Bicycle Rack - Rotating Head Conquer Bicycle Wall Mount Repair Stand Bicycle Rack - Rotating Head

    This bike repair stand’s angle can also be adjusted at the wall plate. When not in use, it quickly detaches from the wall plates (it comes with two so you may move to another spot).

    Working on your bike, even in a cramped workspace, has never been easier than with one of these wall or workbench mounted repair stands.

  • The RoadBikeOutlet Pro-Tune Service

    Curious about the RoadBikeOutlet Pro Tune service?

    When you purchase a bike from us, as you order you may see the option to include the Pro Tune.

    If you choose the Pro Tune service, you will receive the benefit of having one of our certified bicycle mechanics fully inspect, assemble and tune your bicycle to insure proper operation. We are an authorized dealer of Vilano Bikes so use of this service will validate your warranty coverage.

    Without this service you would receive the bike dealer ready, in the factory packaging, and 90% assembled.  Dealer ready means that the bikes will require tuning of the front and rear derailleurs, adjusting the brakes and truing the wheels. Improper assembly voids warranty on the bike so if you decide to opt out of this service you will need to take your bike to an authorized dealer for assembly.

    Our Pro Tune service includes: 

    • Completely assemble the bicycle checking the alignment of the frame and fork
    • Add additional lubrication
    • Align and adjust the derailleurs
    • Grease the pedal threads
    • Align and tighten the crank sprockets and arms
    • Position the saddle level and center it on the seat post
    • Attach the brakes and adjust them correctly
    • Assemble the handlebars
    • True the wheels

    Our qualified tech will then disassemble the bicycle just enough to fit it back into the shipping box, add more packing protection, and secure all movable parts to prevent any damage that might occur during transit.

    Reassembly typically takes our customers only 10 to 15 minutes. See the above video, which shows the remaining few items that you need to finish in order to ride.

    You will need to attach the pedals, saddle, front wheel, front brake and the handlebars. That's it!

    The left pedal screws on counterclockwise as if you're sitting on the bike. The right screws on clockwise as if you're sitting on the bike. Use lease hand tighten carefully. Once you are sure you did not cross thread the pedals, and after they are attached firmly, you can tighten. Be careful as threaded parts are not covered under warranty.

    Please always ride safely and carefully.  It is a great idea to take your bike to your local bike mechanic for final sizing and a safety check. Review the owner's manual, be aware of all safety precautions, and maintain your bike regularly. Use your helmet and safety gear, be conscious of traffic, and enjoy!

  • Adjusting your bicycle saddle

    We have a slew of 'how to videos' and one of my favorites is this one.

    This quick video shows you how to adjust your saddle. The crazy thing is, that its super easy to do, and you'll notice the difference immediately. I suggest you make small tweaks to get the saddle in the right position.

    If you don't have this multi-tool, get it!

  • Pedals 101

    For those new to cycling, shopping for the right bike pedals need not be overwhelming. At RoadBikeOutlet you are sure to find what you need among our great selection of Wellgo Pedals.

    From flat to clipless and everything in between, here is a quick explanation to the types of bike pedals available:

    Platform (or flat) pedals are likely what were on your first bike when you were a kid. As you ride, your feet can rest on either side of the wide surface of platform pedals. One benefit to these is you are easily able to disengage from the pedal merely by lifting your foot. Check out Wellgo Platform Pedals Silver/Black 9/16".  Another fun and colorful option to consider would be fixed gear platform pedals available in many colors.

    Also in this category are platform pedals with toe straps, clips or cages designed to enclose the ball of your foot. These help you pedal more effectively as there is power as you push the pedal down as well as when you bring the pedal back up. These Track Fixie Bike Pedals have toe clips and a leather strap.

    Clipless Pedals is the slightly confusing name for pedals that you “clip” into while wearing cycling shoes mounted with a small plastic or metal cleat. This style of pedal has no toe clips (hence, “clipless”) as the shoe-cleat-pedal combo holds your feet securely to your bike. This is the most efficient way to pedal as you expend energy on both the down stroke and the up stroke. These Clipless Road Bike Pedals with Cleats are a great choice.

    For the best of both worlds, there are even reversible pedals that are platform on one side and clipless on the other. Take a look at the versatile Wellgo WPD-95B Reversible Platform Clipless Pedals.

    With a great assortment of Wellgo Pedals, RoadBikeOutlet makes your bike pedal purchase easy!

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