Performance Hybrids from Vilano Bikes

Performance hybrid bikes like the Diverse series from Vilano combine the best of all worlds. They are perfect for varied riding conditions and considered great all purpose bikes.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Vilano Diverse 3.0

The Vilano Diverse 3.0 is an awesome  choice  for the daily commute. With 24 speeds and disc brakes, it's suitable for whatever weather you need to  pedal through and can tackle all the hills.

The Diverse 4.0 is a beautiful bike with clean lines and a low

Shimano Alfine hub Shimano Alfine hub

maintenance belt drive with a Shimano 8 Speed Alfine internally geared hub. Hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power, bottle mounts and the included platform pedals make this a commuter's dream bike.

Vilano Diverse 4.0 Vilano Diverse 4.0


Getting to work or school under your own power is extremely satisfying.  It is a great way to get fit, see the sights in your town, and be kind to the Earth.

Vilano and RoadBike Outlet are here to make any bike commute easy and fun. There is a great selection of hybrid, road, and fixed gear bikes for however you want to ride.

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