Pedals 101

For those new to cycling, shopping for the right bike pedals need not be overwhelming. At RoadBikeOutlet you are sure to find what you need among our great selection of Wellgo Pedals.

From flat to clipless and everything in between, here is a quick explanation to the types of bike pedals available:

Platform (or flat) pedals are likely what were on your first bike when you were a kid. As you ride, your feet can rest on either side of the wide surface of platform pedals. One benefit to these is you are easily able to disengage from the pedal merely by lifting your foot. Check out Wellgo Platform Pedals Silver/Black 9/16".  Another fun and colorful option to consider would be fixed gear platform pedals available in many colors.

Also in this category are platform pedals with toe straps, clips or cages designed to enclose the ball of your foot. These help you pedal more effectively as there is power as you push the pedal down as well as when you bring the pedal back up. These Track Fixie Bike Pedals have toe clips and a leather strap.

Clipless Pedals is the slightly confusing name for pedals that you “clip” into while wearing cycling shoes mounted with a small plastic or metal cleat. This style of pedal has no toe clips (hence, “clipless”) as the shoe-cleat-pedal combo holds your feet securely to your bike. This is the most efficient way to pedal as you expend energy on both the down stroke and the up stroke. These Clipless Road Bike Pedals with Cleats are a great choice.

For the best of both worlds, there are even reversible pedals that are platform on one side and clipless on the other. Take a look at the versatile Wellgo WPD-95B Reversible Platform Clipless Pedals.

With a great assortment of Wellgo Pedals, RoadBikeOutlet makes your bike pedal purchase easy!

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