• Soccer Goals and Lacrosse Cages

    From bikes to exercise equipment to the now available soccer and lacrosse goals, RoadBikeOutlet provides quality sporting goods at great prices.

    Today's lifestyle is an active one! Participating in team sports like soccer or lacrosse is great for the mind and body.

    Whether you are a youth trying out for a travel team, or an adult playing in a rec league the Optima Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goals are perfect for every need.

    Optima Pop Up Soccer Goals Optima Pop Up Soccer Goals

    Available in four-foot and six-foot sizes, set one net up for precision shot practice, or pop-up both goals and play a pick up game at the park, the beach or wherever.

    These soccer goals come as a set of two in a convenient carry case. They are simple to pop open and get a game started in minutes.  No assembly required! Each goal has stakes to secure it onto the playing surface.

    Have you heard? All over the US, scholastic participation in lacrosse is growing every year for boys and girls.  Optima now carries a regulation size lacrosse net. This goal is great for backyard drills for goalies, offensive practice, and more.

    Optima Lacrosse Goal Net Optima Lacrosse Goal Net

    Optima Lacrosse Goal Net Optima Lacrosse Goal Net

    The Optima Lacrosse Goal Net, is a six foot by six foot official size cage made from sturdy steel and with a  midweight net.

    The benefits of team sports are proven so get out there and participate. Regular exercise is good for everyone's well being and any kind of movement helps. Go for a walk, take a ride on the bike path, or play goalie while your kid practices her shots.  And don't forget,  RoadBikeOutlet.com is your source for all things fun!

  • New for Kids!

    You know about our great selection of bikes, inflatable SUP boards, and more. But did you know our children's line of products is ever expanding too?

    New for the season, Vilano has an adorable lightweight balance bike.

    Vilano Balance Bike Vilano Balance Bike

    Balance bikes are perfect for teaching a child balance, steering and coordination skills. With air tires, a bell for safety and adjustable seat and handlebars, this lightweight bike grows with the child. Help ease the transition to pedaling a "big kid" bike with the Vilano Balance Bike! Now available in blue and red.

    Know a kid who wants to learn to skate? Vilano now makes the cutest inline skates for children!  Available in three sizes, each model is easily adjustable with at the push of a button and designed to expand up to 4 sizes larger.

    Vilano Adjustable Inline Skates for Boys Vilano Inline Skates

    Vilano Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls Vilano Inline Skates

    These inline skates have two straps that lock and comfy padded liners. Polyurethane wheels and a brake make them perfect for active kids who are ready to have fun skating around the park or neighborhood.

    RoadBikeOutlet has the whole family covered with a fantastic selection of bicycles, bike accessories,  and (to be featured in a later blog post) outdoor games!

  • We Can Help You Hydrate!

    Record hot temperatures all over the country don't have us worried! The good folks at Conquer have brought on board two brand new hydration options to RoadBikeOutlet.com.

    Conquer 3L Hydration Backpack Conquer 3L Hydration Backpack

    Conquer 2L Hydration Backpack w/ BPA Free Bladder Conquer 2L Hydration Pack

    The Conquer 2L Hydration Pack is the perfect size for a bike ride or run. The 2 liter BPA free bladder holds plenty of water, and this pack has adjustable shoulder and chest straps. A handy front pocket will keep your keys and mobile phone secure.

    The Conquer 3L Hydration Backpack is an amazing day pack, suitable for an all day hike in the mountains, a long rail trail ride, or a fun stand up paddle board excursion!

    This pack has zippered front pockets to hold your wallet, keys and phone, and two front compartments will hold maps, guidebooks and a ton of granola bars. Even more gear will fit under the bungee!

    Conquer 3L pack, rear view Conquer 3L pack, rear view

    The 3 liter BPA free bladder is easy to fill and clean, and the no kink tube has a leak-free and simple to use bite valve. The tube can position on either the right or the left padded shoulder strap. There are plenty of loops for hanging gear or storing the pack.

    Learn the signs of dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids before and after exercise.

    Fling that sweat off your brow and conquer the dog days of summer with one of these awesome hydration packs.

  • The All New Conquer Vertical Climber is Here!

    Introducing (drum roll please)... the ALL NEW and improved Conquer Vertical Climber! Version 2.0 of this amazingly simple fitness machine has arrived, and it is better than ever.

    Conquer Vertical Climber Conquer Vertical Climber

    The Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0 is the perfect addition to any home gym.  Exercise the whole body in a low impact/high intensity way, and have fun doing it!

    Your own body weight provides all the resistance you need on this well designed climbing machine. Two stationary and two adjustable handles provide various positions, and the ergonomic grips  are comfortable for the duration of your session.

    Checkout some of these climber workout ideas. Don't forget to warm up!

    Conquer Vertical Climber Easy to fold!

    The climber is simple to assemble with the included tools and hardware. The base is wide and stable, with non skid feet. The climber has a super slim profile when opened, yet it easily folds for out of the way storage when not in use.

    On a budget? Build your home gym around this ingenious and inexpensive fitness climber. As always, we offer free shipping on everything found on RoadBikeOutlet. From bikes to inflatable paddle boards,  fitness equipment to outdoor games, our low prices will not break the bank.

    The same folks that brought us a great line of cycling trainers, Conquer has once again come up with an awesome exercise option with its new and improved fitness climbing machine.

    Build a strong core and get a great cardio work out at the same time! The Conquer Vertical Climber will help you burn calories, tone muscles and enjoy keeping fit.

  • How to Assemble a Vilano Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

    Do you have a Vilano Fixed Gear/Single Speed Bike on the way? The friendly folks at Vilano Bikes made this short and informative video to help you through the simple process of assembling it:

    Please know that Vilano Bikes ship in a factory direct state! While the above video highlights the main points of assembly, the bike may require additional tuning. Please visit help.roadbikeoutlet.com for lots of great information and more videos.

    We have bike techs on staff available to assist as well. Call us at 855-762-3245 or send and email to customercare@roadbikeoutlet.com. We are here to help!

  • How to Pick the Best Bike and Find the Right Bike Size

    Are you new to cycling? Are you ready to purchase but wonder what type of bike you want or need? And now that you have decided, do you have questions about sizing information?

    Choosing the right bike , in the correct size requires gathering a little information, but don't worry! We are here to help.

    Check out our bike tech Jeff's video that will answer all your questions, and more:

    At RoadBikeOutlet, we have the right bike for you. From road bikes to hybrids, MTBs to fixed gears, our selection of affordable and stylish Vilano bikes will get you on the road, fast.

    Our outstanding, smart and fun-loving customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have via phone, email or live chat. Reach out! The online knowledgebase has many answers to FAQs about maintenance, Vilano Bikes, and more.



  • New, Stylish Vilano Commuter Bikes Put the Fun in Functional!

    We have always carried a great selection of commuter bikes and hybrids. But check out the all new Vilano Retro City Commuter bikes! Their simple hybrid style may look like a throwback,  but these sweet rides are full of contemporary features to make your ride to work, school or town fun.

    Vilano Men's Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter Vilano Retro City Commuter

    Available in both men's and women's versions, the bikes feature so many bike-to-work perks like a rear rack with spring loaded retention system to keep your gear on board. No need to worry about the weather, the front and rear fenders also have splash guards so you'll arrive clean and dry.  The fenders and the rack are matching shiny, steel chrome.

    Seven speeds (controlled by the easy to use twist grip shifters) are enough to get you over every hill.  Ride in upright posture with the classic hybrid handlebars. Brown grips and a matching brown suspension saddle look great and are comfy too!

    The 700c wheels with 700c x 35c tires are quick and smooth, and linear pull brakes provide plenty of stopping power.

    Vilano Women's Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter Vilano Women's Retro City Commuter

    Long on style and short on price, the Vilano Retro City Commuter Bikes are the perfect urban hybrids that will look amazing and perform well in any setting: from city streets to the college campus, solitary country roads to group rides on the rail trail.

    As always, shipping is free (continental US) on RoadBikeOutlet.com. We are here for you! With lots of maintenance tips,  handy assembly info, and more, we have all the answers you need available at the touch of a button.

  • How to Stand Up Paddleboard - SUP Beginner Tips


    Whether you have an inflatable SUP or a hard SUP board, paddling season is here! Here are some great tips for the beginning stand up paddle boarder.

    Vilano Navigator Good form on a Vilano Navigator

    Face the correct way. Fins help the board “track” in the water and keep it in a straight line as you go. Make sure the fin(s) on the underside of the SUP board are behind you as you paddle.

    Consider a leash. A SUP leash will keep the board tethered to your leg and within reach if you happen to <ahem> “dismount” the board for any reason.

    Start on your knees. Take the board into a few feet of flat, calm water and mount the board on your knees.  Paddle on the right side to move to the left, and vice versa. Get used to the way your weight feels on the board while kneeling. Paddle around a little. Ready to get up?

    Stand up. Keep your feet parallel and shoulder width apart, positioned about in the middle of the SUP board (straddle the handle). Stand up straight and with good posture, but not stiff. Grip the top of the paddle’s handle with one hand, the center of the shaft with the other. It is easier to stand if the board has forward momentum. Start paddling!

    Use your whole body. Bend your knees a little, push the paddle into the water, and twist your torso using your stronger core muscles rather than just your arms. Note: If your paddle has an angled or sloped blade, hold it so the blade slopes away from you. Holding it the other way will cause drag and slow your progress!

    Keep your head up. Your body will follow your eyes/head’s lead, so if you are constantly looking down, you may wind up in the drink! Head up, back straight, and body weight slightly over your toes as you paddle are good habits for the SUP board beginner.

    Vilano Journey Paddling is fun on a Vilano Journey!

    Be aware of conditions. Check tides and wind and weather forecasts before you head out to paddle. Weather can change quickly and you do not want to be caught unaware.

    Fall gracefully. Away from your board and fins! Go ahead and practice so you are ready for the first time it happens spontaneously.

    Mind your equipment. Most “accidents” with the board happen on land, or in too-shallow water. Don't run aground or drop onto a hard surface, the fin will suffer. Pump your inflatable SUP board to the recommended PSI for best performance. If you find yourself in the surf lineup, stay away from other wave riders until you are comfortable. Waves can tumble you and the board over, and damage your gear or theirs.

    HAVE FUN! Relax, glide through the water and enjoy nature. Or turn it into a workout and paddle hard. With practice you’ll go from newbie to pro in no time!

  • Bike Maintenance Tips for Springtime

    Spring has sprung, and it's time to ride! Has your bike been sitting in the garage all winter? There is no better time than now to get your bike ride ready.

    This video has some great routine bike maintenance tips, brought to you by our friends at Vilano Bikes.

    It's time to get your bike ready for the season!

    Don't forget, we are here to help even after you purchase your bike with cycling tips, handy how to videos, and more! Our qualified bike techs and amazing customer service team are available to answer any questions you have.

  • SUP Camping – Getting Started

    Following is a guest post from Scott Lynch.

    SUP Camping – Getting Started

    Yes! You’re reading those two words together: SUP + Camping. We’ve all heard of canoe camping and kayak camping, so why not stand up paddle board camping? It’s easier than you think, and more fun than you can possibly imagine.

    Vilano Voyager SUP Vilano Voyager on shore

    SUP camping is as easy as strapping camping gear to your SUP, hitting the water, and paddling to a unique destination from anywhere to an overnight camp trip, to a weekend excursion, or multi-week expedition. Imagine waking up on a beach or island that you paddled to with your SUP – the sunset, sunrise, solitude and fresh air are worth the effort. In order to have a safe, fun and comfortable SUP camping trip, here are a few essentials to get you started:

    1. An appropriate SUP: Just about any SUP can be used for camping, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. First is weight capacity. All boards have specified weight capacities for different skill levels. Because of the items required for a camping trip (discussed later in this article), add a minimum of 30 lbs. to your weight when considering a board’s weight limits. The next thing to consider is stability. Since you’re going to be strapping your provisions to your SUP, you need a board that is very stable. Usually greater stability is found in thicker and wider boards. A couple great boards for SUP Camping are the Vilano Voyager 11’ and the Vilano Navigator 10’ boards. Both of these have the necessary weight capacity, stability and there’s plenty of room to strap your gear.

    SUP Paddle SUP Paddle, sunset

    2. Basic camping gear: This is your shelter, sleep and eat systems. For shelter, you can use a tent, hammock, tarp, or bivy. For sleep, you’ll need a sleeping pad, sleeping bag or blanket, and small pillow. And for food, unless you’re planning on eating PB&J for days, you need some way to heat a pot or pan. Whatever you decide on for your gear, remember lighter/smaller is better! There’s no way getting around having to place your gear in a waterproof bag and strapping it to your SUP. This is not going to work with your 12lb. backyard, multi-room, family, car camping tent. Consult a professional outfitter for light weight “backpacking”-style gear choices.

    3. Waterproof bags: If there’s one rule to remember from this article it’s that everything not in a waterproof bag will get completely soaked! Ideally, these bags must be submersible-rated, roll-down, and heavy-duty. All your camping gear, food, clothing and electronics must be protected from water. This often takes as much consideration and care as camping gear selection and packing.

    4. Strapping gear to your SUP: Vilano SUPs have D-rings and bungees for strapping gear on the front and back of the board. This makes things easy. But there’s no need to fret if your SUP doesn’t have these. You can either glue or suction-cup attach D-rings to just about any SUP. If D-rings aren’t your style, and you’re just paddling on flat water, a couple webbing cinch straps around your board and over your gear will get you to your camping destination.

    Vilano Voyager SUP Vilano Voyager Inflatable SUP, great choice for camping

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