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  • How to Stand Up Paddleboard - SUP Beginner Tips


    Whether you have an inflatable SUP or a hard SUP board, paddling season is here! Here are some great tips for the beginning stand up paddle boarder.

    Vilano Navigator Good form on a Vilano Navigator

    Face the correct way. Fins help the board “track” in the water and keep it in a straight line as you go. Make sure the fin(s) on the underside of the SUP board are behind you as you paddle.

    Consider a leash. A SUP leash will keep the board tethered to your leg and within reach if you happen to <ahem> “dismount” the board for any reason.

    Start on your knees. Take the board into a few feet of flat, calm water and mount the board on your knees.  Paddle on the right side to move to the left, and vice versa. Get used to the way your weight feels on the board while kneeling. Paddle around a little. Ready to get up?

    Stand up. Keep your feet parallel and shoulder width apart, positioned about in the middle of the SUP board (straddle the handle). Stand up straight and with good posture, but not stiff. Grip the top of the paddle’s handle with one hand, the center of the shaft with the other. It is easier to stand if the board has forward momentum. Start paddling!

    Use your whole body. Bend your knees a little, push the paddle into the water, and twist your torso using your stronger core muscles rather than just your arms. Note: If your paddle has an angled or sloped blade, hold it so the blade slopes away from you. Holding it the other way will cause drag and slow your progress!

    Keep your head up. Your body will follow your eyes/head’s lead, so if you are constantly looking down, you may wind up in the drink! Head up, back straight, and body weight slightly over your toes as you paddle are good habits for the SUP board beginner.

    Vilano Journey Paddling is fun on a Vilano Journey!

    Be aware of conditions. Check tides and wind and weather forecasts before you head out to paddle. Weather can change quickly and you do not want to be caught unaware.

    Fall gracefully. Away from your board and fins! Go ahead and practice so you are ready for the first time it happens spontaneously.

    Mind your equipment. Most “accidents” with the board happen on land, or in too-shallow water. Don't run aground or drop onto a hard surface, the fin will suffer. Pump your inflatable SUP board to the recommended PSI for best performance. If you find yourself in the surf lineup, stay away from other wave riders until you are comfortable. Waves can tumble you and the board over, and damage your gear or theirs.

    HAVE FUN! Relax, glide through the water and enjoy nature. Or turn it into a workout and paddle hard. With practice you’ll go from newbie to pro in no time!

  • The All New Vilano Inflatable SUP Boards Have Arrived!

    Are you ready to try the latest and greatest water sports craze? Vilano Bikes has expanded its inflatable stand up paddle (SUP) board line with three brand new models, and we have them all here at RoadBikeOutlet. Inflatable SUP boards are the perfect choice for simple storage and portability.

    The Vilano Navigator inflatable SUP board The Vilano Navigator inflatable SUP board

    No car rack? No problem! These SUP boards roll up to a compact size and fit into the included backpack style carry bag. They are lightweight and easy to take on your next water adventure.

    The Vilano Journey is 10 feet long, 31 inches wide and 4 inches thick. The Vilano Navigator is also 10 feet long and 31 inches wide, but it is 6 inches thick. And the Vilano Voyager comes in at 11 feet in length, 31 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

    The Vilano Journey inflatable SUP board The Vilano Journey inflatable SUP board

    All three models have a detachable single fin, and come with a paddle, pump and patch kit. The diamond grooved deck pad will help keep you on your feet and the drop stitch construction is durable. There’s a handy bungee for stowing cargo on board, and D ring hooks for attaching a SUP leash, kayak seat and anything else you need as you head out for a fun day of paddling.

    Vilano SUP boards are great for fun and fitness, leisurely outings and all day touring.

    As always, we offer free shipping to the continental US on SUP boards and accessories, and every other item in the store.

    Now is the time to explore a fresh water spring in Florida or Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, the Jersey shore Atlantic or the Huntington Beach Pacific! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned paddler, RoadBikeOutlet has the Vilano Inflatable SUP board for you.

    Vilano Voyager inflatable SUP board Vilano Voyager inflatable SUP board
  • What's SUP with Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards?

    With stand up paddle boarding riding an epic wave of popularity, sales of inflatable stand up paddle (SUP) boards are blowing up as well!

    RoadBikeOutlet now carries three different SUP boards. The Aqua Marina SPK-1, SPK-2 and SPK-3 are rigid when inflated and have a similar feel to a hard board, but are considerably more portable and easier to store.

    These inflatable SUP boards are made from commercial grade PVC material with drop-stitch construction. All three boards have a D rings for cargo, a leash, or even convert the SPK-1 and -2 boards to a sit down kayak by adding the handy Kayak Seat! The three fin set up (one large fin in the center, two smaller fins on each side is perfect for tracking on flat water, while the anti-slip deck pad will keep you on your feet. Included with each package are the SUP board, 3 piece paddle, starter pump, three fins, a patch/repair kit and a carry bag.

    The origins of modern stand-up paddling (and many other water sports) are most likely Hawaiian. The “beach boys” of Waikiki combined their skills at surfing and outrigger canoe paddling, eventually using the stand-up boards to keep a bird’s eye view of their students taking surf lessons. In more recent times, surfers would resort to standing up on large boards on small surf days while waiting for the next big swell.

    Folks from St. Augustine to Seattle, from the Great Lakes to backyard ponds (and beyond!) are enjoying inflatable SUP boards for flat water paddling fun.

    Stand up paddle boarder using an Aqua Marina SPK-1 on the calm Atlantic Ocean Stand up paddle boarder using an Aqua Marina SPK-1 on the calm Atlantic Ocean

    A SUP board is considered by the Coast Guard a vessel when used “beyond the narrow limits of a swimming, surfing or bathing area.” If this is the case, one must wear a lifejacket and carry a whistle. If a stand up paddle board is used within a designated “swimming, surfing or bathing area,” the Coast Guard does not consider it to be a vessel.

    Think about an inflatable stand up paddle board as a durable, lighter and versatile alternative to traditional hard SUP boards. Whether you live in a landlocked area or have a vacation coming up by the sea, all you need is some water and a sense of adventure to enjoy the latest water sport craze of stand up paddle boarding.

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