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  • SUP Camping – Getting Started

    Following is a guest post from Scott Lynch.

    SUP Camping – Getting Started

    Yes! You’re reading those two words together: SUP + Camping. We’ve all heard of canoe camping and kayak camping, so why not stand up paddle board camping? It’s easier than you think, and more fun than you can possibly imagine.

    Vilano Voyager SUP Vilano Voyager on shore

    SUP camping is as easy as strapping camping gear to your SUP, hitting the water, and paddling to a unique destination from anywhere to an overnight camp trip, to a weekend excursion, or multi-week expedition. Imagine waking up on a beach or island that you paddled to with your SUP – the sunset, sunrise, solitude and fresh air are worth the effort. In order to have a safe, fun and comfortable SUP camping trip, here are a few essentials to get you started:

    1. An appropriate SUP: Just about any SUP can be used for camping, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. First is weight capacity. All boards have specified weight capacities for different skill levels. Because of the items required for a camping trip (discussed later in this article), add a minimum of 30 lbs. to your weight when considering a board’s weight limits. The next thing to consider is stability. Since you’re going to be strapping your provisions to your SUP, you need a board that is very stable. Usually greater stability is found in thicker and wider boards. A couple great boards for SUP Camping are the Vilano Voyager 11’ and the Vilano Navigator 10’ boards. Both of these have the necessary weight capacity, stability and there’s plenty of room to strap your gear.

    SUP Paddle SUP Paddle, sunset

    2. Basic camping gear: This is your shelter, sleep and eat systems. For shelter, you can use a tent, hammock, tarp, or bivy. For sleep, you’ll need a sleeping pad, sleeping bag or blanket, and small pillow. And for food, unless you’re planning on eating PB&J for days, you need some way to heat a pot or pan. Whatever you decide on for your gear, remember lighter/smaller is better! There’s no way getting around having to place your gear in a waterproof bag and strapping it to your SUP. This is not going to work with your 12lb. backyard, multi-room, family, car camping tent. Consult a professional outfitter for light weight “backpacking”-style gear choices.

    3. Waterproof bags: If there’s one rule to remember from this article it’s that everything not in a waterproof bag will get completely soaked! Ideally, these bags must be submersible-rated, roll-down, and heavy-duty. All your camping gear, food, clothing and electronics must be protected from water. This often takes as much consideration and care as camping gear selection and packing.

    4. Strapping gear to your SUP: Vilano SUPs have D-rings and bungees for strapping gear on the front and back of the board. This makes things easy. But there’s no need to fret if your SUP doesn’t have these. You can either glue or suction-cup attach D-rings to just about any SUP. If D-rings aren’t your style, and you’re just paddling on flat water, a couple webbing cinch straps around your board and over your gear will get you to your camping destination.

    Vilano Voyager SUP Vilano Voyager Inflatable SUP, great choice for camping

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