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  • Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, is it for you?

    Want to shake up your yoga routine? If you are bored of your indoor yoga studio with its recorded nature sounds, hardwood floors and closed door it may be time to bust out of those confining walls and try a stand up paddle (SUP) board yoga class. Get outside and get on the water!

    SUP yoga is an awesome way to strengthen your core and improve flexibility while you enjoy being outdoors, floating blissfully on the water. Experience the beauty of the open sky and the feel of waves gently lapping the side of your SUP board.

    Considered more of a workout than “inside” yoga, when you hold a pose on the SUP board, you must actively engage your core in order to maintain balance.

    An inflatable SUP is the way to go for a SUP yoga class. It’s more comfortable than a hard board when you are stretching, lying on your back or holding a posture.

    The Vilano Navigator, Vilano Voyager, Aqua Marina SPK-3 are all fantastic choices for your next SUP yoga class.

    FLOW Yoga Inflatable SUP FLOW Yoga Inflatable SUP

    The Flow Yoga Inflatable SUP board was made by Aqua Marina specifically with yoga buffs in mind. The deck pad runs edge to edge, and the front and tail of the board are squared off, just like your favorite yoga mat. The 9’9” length board is easy to tote to the water (while inflated or deflated) for your next class. The 31” width along with 6” thickness provide superior stability as you move from posture to posture.

    Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons you should try yoga on a SUP board.

    If your area has a body of water, there is likely a SUP yoga class being held there. Grab an inflatable SUP board and go for it!

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